Bernie 2020 Union Solidarity Tour / April 2019


Between April 12th and 14th, Senator sanders toured battleground states to connect with working-class americans from Wisconsin, michigan, ohio, indiana, and pennsylvania.


April 12 - Madison, wisconsin

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders told a shivering crowd of a couple thousand people along the shores of Madison’s Lake Mendota how they are an integral part of this political revolution!

april 13 - Gary, Indiana 

Senator Sanders visited the Genesis Convention Center in Gary and met with community leaders to hear how their lives have been effected as one of the worst hit by economic disparity.

april 13 - Coopersville, Michigan

Addressing service trade union members at Coopersville’s UA Local 174 hall, Sanders stumped for union rights and advocated for his signature Medicare-for-all plan.


April 13 - detroit, michigan

A crowd of voters packed into Sweet Potato Sensations, a bakery in the northwestern part of the city, to share an intimate conversation with Senator Sanders on some not-so-radical ideas to address systemic inequalities.

April 14 - warren, ohio

Local AFT members and the communities surrounding Warren joined Bernie Sanders at Lordstown Highschool discuss the effect on communities most effected by the recent closures of a number of major auto industry plants in the region.

April 14 - pittsburgh, pennsylvania

Thousands of Americans flocked to Pittsburgh to hear the Sanders and friends talk about wealth inequality, #Medicare4All, strengthening our nations Unions, and the peoples integral part of growing Our Revolution!