What/who is BNW?

Breathe New Winds is the seed to a greater vision, but the core premise of those words is simple: to put into the world more than we take from it. It is a challenge to myself to always pay attention to the lessons from history and apply them as guidance in the future. The words breathe new winds hold me accountable - they remind me that it is my and our duty to put good into this world, however we can.

Okay, so I still don’t know who you are…

I’ll keep it short and sweet; My name is Bryan Lawrence. I’m a 30-something freelance photographer, graphic & web designer (UI/UX), videographer, college teacher, and am passionate to see the Progressive movement succeed.

I've got a bit over ten years experience working across a spectrum of fields in the creative industry, from working on a number of major motion pictures & web series, teaching college photography, to being the chief creative director of a major multi-million dollar direct to consumer brand.

I’m married to the love of my life Savanna, and with her support, and the support of our fur-child corgi Sybil, I have made the decision to pursue my goals of going all-in on the progressive fight, focusing all I can on being the most useful piece of the progressive engine that I can be.


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